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C-PlaNeT Network Training Event 3: Design for Circularity

The C-PlaNeT train arrived at the third Network Training Event (NTE). This time, C-PlaNeT members from Ghent University (Belgium) took care of the organization of this virtual event. Meeting in person is not yet possible, but thanks to joint efforts from organizers and participants the network is growing stronger with every Event!

April 12-15 2021 were the dates the C-PlaNeT network gathered around in Zoom call for an event all about Design for Circularity. Changing the way we perceive plastic products: this is what we mean with design for circularity. How to increase the demand of recycled plastics by manufacturers? How to make it easier to separate waste plastics into single material streams? Can we change the approach to plastics shifting away from single-use items? These are a few questions we tried to address during this event, with the help of contributions from speakers with the most different points of view.

We had an exciting line-up present: sustainability provocateur Dr. Leyla Acaroglu, industry partners Dow and Fraunhofer IVV, brand owner P&G, converter Amcor Flexibles, Neste, and last but not least environmental artist Dr. John Dahlsen. It is already a long list but it doesn’t stop here! Our ESRs Manon Lisiecki, Priyanka Main, and Fernando Lit illustrated their research topics during insightful microteaching lectures. Finally, workshops “Upstream Innovation” by Anna Desogus and “Design of EEE products with recycled plastics” by PolyCE project were the icing on the cake of this event. They represented an opportunity to see practical examples of design for circularity and an exercise for our minds to put the new learnings to use. And let’s not forget some very special social activities involving Ghent local artists that performed live music for their audience – via Zoom, of course.

Check out the blog posts by our ESRs to discover more details on this event:

ESR 3 – Manon

ESR 13 – Nur

ESR 12 – Francesca

Important news at the end of our event: the next NTE was announced by dr. Anders Damgaard from Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the host of the next event. The final dates are official now: October 25 - 28th! The focus of this event will be on how plastics affect the environment, featuring hands-on calculations exercises on how to assess plastics environmental impact. As always, the hope to meet offline in Copenhagen is building up excitement among the participants.

In the meanwhile, take care and see you soon at the fourth Network Training Event this fall!

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