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New strategies and business models for a circular plastics transition

  • TITLE: New strategies and business models for a circular plastics transition

  • HOST: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (The Netherlands) 

  • MAIN SUPERVISORS: dr. M. Cloodt (TUE), dr. J.C.C.M Huijben (TUE)  

  • CO-SUPERVISOR: Prof. dr. E. Paredis (UG)

  • START DATE: 01.04.2020 + 12 months (internal funding)

  • DURATION: 36 months

  • REQUIRED DEGREE: Master Degree in Innovation Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Industrial Engineering, Innovation Sciences, Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable Development or a related field. 


    • Experience with qualitative research methods and/or mixed methods.

    • Affinity with sustainable development, sustainability transitions, and circular economy from a company or ecosystem perspective.

    • Be able to function in an interdisciplinary research setting with natural scientists, engineers and business developers. As well as collaboration with organizations in practice.

    • Verifiable writing and communication skills. 


    • Research tasks include: literature review, methodology development, data collection & analysis, theoretical and practical contribution.

    • Writing up research for publication in international peer-reviewed journals in the field of sustainability and innovation management & entrepreneurship.

    • Presentation of project results at national and international conferences.

    • Participation in C-PlaNeT activities.

  • OBJECTIVES: The objective is to design new business models for circular plastics to stimulate their market adoption. We will build on best practices from existing business models for circular plastics as well as circular-economy business models from other sectors. Additionally, existing stakeholders in the plastics industry as well as future intra- and inter-industry stakeholders needed for operating these business models will be thoroughly analyzed. Political as well as other contextual influences on the business model design will be researched. The research will be done in close collaboration with ESR 6, 13 and 14.

  • PLANNED SECONDMENTS: UG to map related present and future industry stakeholders and their interests and contextual influences affecting the business model design (M24-30; M36-42).
    Dow Chemicals Packaging & Specialty Plastics R&D department for tailored synthesis of polyolefin structures (M20-24).


    • TU/e supplements the duration of employment from 36 months to 48 months.

    • A full-time appointment for a period of 4 years at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), with an intermediate evaluation after nine months;

    • Gross monthly salary from € 2.325 (first year) to € 2.972 per month (last year)

    • An attractive package of fringe benefits, including holiday and end-of-year allowance, a personal development program for PhD students (PROOF program), and excellent sport facilities.

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