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ESR 14

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Heather Logan
Environmental assessment modelling of plastic flows – the role of additives in circularity

Heather Logan is an early stage researcher for C-PlaNeT, working on ESR 14 project Environmental assessment modeling of plastic flows- the role of additives in circularity. In the Environment Research Group, Department of Water and Environmental Technology at Denmark Technical University. She focusses on the material flow analysis and life cycle assessment of plastic polymers. The objective of her research is to identify the role of polymer additives in improving the circularity of plastics.


She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado in 2015. She also holds a master’s degree in Environmental Sustainability, from the University of Oklahoma, where she focused on the life cycle assessment of textiles.


Heather's other interests include textile recycling, fashion sustainability, social life cycle analysis, and sustainability education. 

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