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ESR 15: Topic introduction - Recycling of Polymers from Collected Beach and Ocean Plastics, Moubarak Maria, NTE 1, 10/09/2020,

ESR 14: Topic introduction - MFA and LCA of European plastics flows with a focus on additives, Logan Heather, NTE 1, 10/09/2020

ESR 13: Topic introduction - Politics and governance in a circular economy, Yalcin Nur, NTE 1, 10/09/2020,


ESR 12: Topic introduction - Valorizing pyrolysis gases back to monomers, Martelli Francesca, NTE 1, 10/09/2020,


ESR 09: Topic introduction - Solvent techniques for closed loop recycling, Kol Rita, NTE 1, 10/09/2020,

ESR 08: Topic introduction - Odour characterization, monitoring, control and removal from recycled plastics, Gomes Tiago, NTE 1, 10/09/2020,


ESR 07: Topic introduction - Future collection and logistic systems for ecodesigned plastics, Mhaddolkar Namrata, NTE 1, 10/09/2020,


ESR 06: Topic introduction - Consumer practices in a circular economy, Kassim Rabiu, NTE 1, 10/09/2020,

ESR 05: Topic introduction - New strategies and business models for a circular plastics transition, Lit Fernando, NTE 1, 10/09/2020,

ESR 04: Topic introduction - Sustainable and recyclable phosphorous flame-retardant additives, Fonseca Alejandro, NTE 1, 10/09/2020,

ESR 01: Topic introduction - Biobased plastics for a circular economy, Main Priyanka, NTE 1, 10/09/2020,

Kick-off, overview and institutes, NTE 1, 07/09/2020,


Recycling methods for secondary plastics, Lucyshyn Thomas, WS1 The Lifecycle of Plastics, NTE 1, 09/09/2020,


Sorting and pretreatment of plastic waste, De Meester Steven, WS1 The Lifecycle of Plastics, NTE 1, 08/09/2020,


Waste logistics, Pomberger Roland, WS1 The Lifecycle of Plastics, NTE 1, 08/09/2020,

Product development with recycled plastics, Ragaert Kim, WS1 The Lifecycle of Plastics, NTE 1, 08/09/2020,

Introduction to Polymer Processing, Lucyshyn Thomas, WS1 The Lifecycle of Plastics, NTE 1, 08/09/2020,

Basic elements of polymer chemistry, Dimitris Achilias, WS1 The Lifecycle of Plastics, NTE 1, 08/09/2020,


ESR 11: Film blowing of recycled polyolefins, Bashirgonbadi Amir, NTE 1, 09/09/2020

ESR 10: Chemical recycling of plastic waste by reactor and catalyst engineering, Goshayeshi Bahman, NTE 1, 09/09/2020,

ESR 02: Chemical design for recyclability, Guleria Dixit, NTE 1, 09/09/2020,

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