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Network-Training Event 5: Consumer Practices in a Circular Society for Plastics - hybrid

We invite you for the second hybrid event of the project May 18th - May 20th. The PhD students and their supervisors will be on-site in Cottbus, BTU, Germany. The open sessions will be streamed online. The registration link below is for the open sessions only or for the on-site event. The training will focus on consumers and consumption practices in the Circular Economy. The term “Circular Society” is used to highlight the importance of consumer participation, acceptance and compliance in transition endeavors towards a Circular Economy.

The training comprises presentations and exercises on consumer related theories and concepts as well as innovation and transition theory (e.g. Multi-Level Perspective, evolutionary innovation theory, Transition Management) to system knowledge on the multiple interrelation between production and consumption as well as policy-making, economy and society. The training will foster transformative knowledge by providing methodological training on how to understand and design transitions (e.g. Strategic Niche Management, Design and Futures Thinking Methodology, participatory design). Both types of knowledge will be applied to empirical cases and examples of transitions in systems of consumption and production. Trainees will be able to get in contact with representatives of different target groups and practice participatory research methods.

Two Microteachings

  • ESR 6 Mubarik: Consumer practices in a Circular Society : What are target groups of Circular Economy services and product? How can participation, acceptance and compliance be supported?

  • ESR 7 Namrata: Relation between logistic systems for waste collection and the consumer

Detailed agenda

Full programme in .jpeg:

Detailed agenda

Registration is open, closes May 17th noon CET. Participation is free of charge. The links to the livestreams (blue coloured) will be provided prior to the event.

Registration is required and should be done using the following link:


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