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ESR 12

ESR 12
Valorizing pyrolysis gases back to monomers

  • TITLE: Valorizing pyrolysis gases back to monomers

  • HOST: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

  • MAIN SUPERVISOR: Prof. dr. A. Lemonidou (AUTH) 

  • CO-SUPERVISOR: Prof. dr. D. De Vos (KU Leuven)

  • START DATE: 01.04.2020

  • DURATION: 36 months

  • REQUIRED DEGREE: Master of Science or Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering, Master of Science in Chemistry preferably in Chemical Technology or related topic


    • Experience in materials (catalyst) synthesis

    • Relevant Diploma or Master theses on catalytic reactions/processes

    • Expertise in advanced characterization techniques (SEM, TEM, XPS, TP)

    • Communication and organization skills

    • Fluent in written and spoken English

    • Strong team player skills and enthusiasm about working self-dependently in interdisciplinary environments

  • DESCRIPTION: The valorization of non-condensable gases formed during pyrolysis of polyethylene and polypropylene wastes is the main target of this ESR. The gaseous olefins will be converted via cross-metathesis in the presence of heterogeneous catalysts and or homogeneous moieties immobilized on oxidic supports. Catalysts formulations showing high activity and selectivity in converting ethylene and or butenes to propylene will be further refined in terms of composition and operating variables to maximise the yield to the desired olefin. The effect of impurities in the non-condensable stream will be also explored. Reaction conditions optimization and kinetic modelling as well as reactor configuration will be part of the work.


    • The development of highly selective and active heterogeneous catalysts based on reducible metal oxides as well as of immobilized homogeneous moieties on oxidic supports

    • Advanced characterization of catalysts

    • Mechanistic and kinetic studies of metathesis

    • Cleaning of the gases from Cl impurities

  • PLANNED SECONDMENTS: In KUL under the supervision of Prof. Dirk De Vos. De-chlorination tests using several sorbents will be conducted (M36-M42). Internship at CERTH (M18-M19) for catalyst structural characterization

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