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C-PlaNeT Network Training Event 2: The Circular Plastics Professional

Three months after the C-PlaNeT kickoff event, COVID-19 continues to restrict mobility, posing a challenge to network building. Find out how we overcome the distance and create an environment for learning, debate, collaboration, and socialization!

Early this month, C-PlaNeT held its second Network Training Event (NTE), re-convening its Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), partners & other beneficiaries, and the interested public in a 4-day jam-packed event from the 8th to the 11th of December. Operating under the theme ‘The Circular Plastics Professional’, this NTE focused on the career development of our ESRs: how to build a sustainable professional network with both academic and non-academic experts, what skills are required to maintain and expand this network, what kind of opportunities exist in the circular plastics economy, and what advice can our experts offer based on their own career trajectories.

The event was filled with a variety of activities: coaching sessions, company presentations, career workshops, panel discussions, microteaching and cooperative learning, and of course, socials. Check out the following blogs for more details:

Insights from ESR 1 – Priyanka

Thoughts from ESR 5 – Fernando

Reflections from ESR 7 – Namrata

While a lot of excitement had already been built up regarding the possibility of an offline, on-site event in Erlangen, Germany, the recent developments with the COVID-19 pandemic has made this impossible. Nonetheless, a carefully curated and well-organized online version supported by technology and enthusiasm has brought welcome results. Overall, the second training event turned out to be a resounding success, bringing a spark of inspiration to our ESRs and showing them the many possibilities awaiting them in the future. Moreover, the collaborative power within the network has been enhanced: first, from more interactions and teambuilding among the ESRs, and second, through the introduction of the final piece of the puzzle – our final ESR, ESR 3 Manon. Welcome aboard!

See you in April 2021 for our third Network Training Event!

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